Health Note about e-Visa For Uganda

Health Alert. Covid-19 (coronavirus)

The e-Visa for Uganda was introduced by the Government of Uganda, to enable travelers to make an easy and quick application for a Uganda e-Visa for visiting the country of Uganda for tourism or business purposes. A foreign citizen from any of one of the eligible countries can apply online for an e-Visa before departure.

The e-Visa for Uganda for tourism can provide access to the country of Uganda for eligible citizens for one single entry over a period of 30 days, depending on their needs.

You should give yourself sufficient time to apply for a visa and make sure when applying that the start date and validity covers the period you wish to travel.


The Government of Uganda has reviewed the evolution of the COVID-19 outbreak in the affected countries, has categorized them and recommends various measures for travellers arriving in the country according to the category where the country of origin is or those who have visited in the last weeks.

The Ugandan authorities have asked that travellers (of any nationality) arriving from the countries classified as category 1 or those or who have visited these countries in the last 14 days to consider postponing all non-essential trips. The countries included in that category are: Italy, San Marino, Iran, South Korea, France, China. Germany, Spain, Belgium, USA, United Kingdom, Netherlands, Sweden, Norway, Austria and Malaysia. Any traveller from these countries will be subjected to self-quarantine for 14 days on arrival to Uganda even if they do not exhibit signs and symptoms of COBDI-19.  Those who are showing symptoms will be isolates in a government hospital. Those not showing symptoms will be required to place themselves in self-isolation (at home or at your hotel at your own cost) for 14 days.

These restrictions could be extended to travellers arriving from other countries over the coming days or weeks.

All travellers regardless of country of origin who entry through Entebbe International Airport and other border points of entry must comply with any additional screening measures put in place by the authorities.

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