The Uganda e-Visa is an online travel authorization processed and approved by the Ministry of Immigration of Uganda and the Government of Uganda for visitors from eligible countries for some tourist reason. The Uganda e-Visa was officially published by the Government of Uganda in April 2006.

The online e-Visa for Uganda helps applicants save time. The online process through our website is a simpler and safer way than the rest through the Uganda embassy, ​​since it allows you to receive the Uganda e-Visa approval before starting the international trip to Uganda .

The Uganda e-Visa will be valid for thirty (30) days. The holder of the Uganda e-Visa will be authorized to stay in Uganda for a maximum period of thirty (30) days.

The following table contains a list of the countries whose citizens or nationals can apply for the Uganda Tourist e-Visa online:
Any of the visitors from any of the eligible countries that have a valid passport can upload their Uganda e-Visa application here. Nationalities can be German, British, Italian, Polish, North American, Dutch, French, or Spanish, among others.
To apply for a Uganda e-Visa, applicants will need:
– A valid credit / debit card
– A valid e-mail

– A valid Passport for at least six (6) months from the date of arrival to Uganda

Your approved and issued Uganda e-Visa will be sent to your email inbox. After that, you should make sure to print, at least, one (1) copy of the approved Uganda e-visa in a readable format in A4, to be presented to the immigration authorities upon arrival in Uganda .

You can request any of the Uganda e-Visas anytime 24/7 once you know the confirmed or estimated dates of your trip to Uganda .

Applicants who have more than one nationality will have to choose which of the passports will be used at the time of entering Uganda , and as a consequence will be used during the filling of the onine form. Please be aware that the information that appears on the travel document and the information provided on the application for your Uganda e-Visa must be identical.

This would be a critical time during your order and, as such, you should take some time to review and verify the information you have provided by comparing it with the data from your travel document or passport to confirm that it is completely correct before submitting your application.
If you have already accidentally confirmed the sending of some erroneous information and have realized that it is not what it should be only after you have sent your request, please contact us by our contact form.

If your initial travel dates have finally changed and your Uganda e-Visa will not be valid for your new travel dates, unfortunately the first e-Visa will not be valid for new travel dates and you should request a new e-Visa visa.

In the extremely rare case that your Uganda e-Visa application is rejected, you can contact us to request a full refund.

Application fees can be paid simply with a credit or debit card through our exclusive secure online payment system. Please check that all important payment methods are accepted. If you suffer some kind of bad experience or problem during the payment, please contact us at $ emailcenter.
Please make sure that the details of your credit card have been entered correctly and that the card used is valid for online payments and that you have sufficient funds available to avoid any kind of problem during the time of payment.

No, minors should proceed exactly like an adult. Any prospective future traveler who is a minor must also have their own Uganda e-Visa.

Please keep in mind that if your country does not appear on the list of countries that you can request, you can not request an e-Visa at this time. Our recommendation in this case is to go to the nearest Uganda embassy and follow the traditional procedure of a Visa.

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